Podcast 304 – Interview with Dr. Jeff Allen – Learning and Innovation

April 19, 2012

At our April program Dr. Jeff Allen shared his perspectives on innovation and how people learn.  Great changes are occurring in learning and performance programs. Learner demographics are evolving, fiscal concerns are rising, and technological developments are increasing to impact our organization’s capabilities. As information and communication increase, organizations continue to rethink and review learning and performance objectives.

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Podcast 302 – Interview with Tom Neisen

February 15, 2012

This month’s podcast features February speaker, Tom Neisen from Acuity Systems.  He shares with us his perspectives on how to make training stick.

Interview with Tom Niesen.

Interview with Nancy Barry

September 13, 2011

Our September program featured author, speaker and Gen Y expert Nancy Barry.  In our interview, we discuss some key differences across the generations.

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Podcast 201 – Interview with Lonnie Harmon

March 14, 2011

Our first podcast of 2011 features an interview with March speaker Lonnie Harmon, owner and president of Intulogy.  He shared with us his perspectives on calculating the costs of training.

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Podcast 9 – Training and Generational Differences. Interview with Buzz Murphy.

December 15, 2010

At the December meeting, Buzz shared with us a growing body of research and his perspectives on generational differences and its impact on workplace learning professionals.

Specifically, Buzz and I discuss characteristics of generational differences, the influence of geography and how workplace learning professionals can benefit from understanding these differences.

To learn more about Buzz, checkout his website at www.buzzmurphy.com.

Podcast 9 – Interview with Buzz Murphy

Podcast 8 – Interview with Courtney Schwarten

October 26, 2010

October’s meeting featured chapter member Courtney Schwarten.  She shared with us some insights regarding nonverbal communication and a different way of looking at it.

Podcast 7 – Interview with Courtney Schwarten

Podcast 7 – Interview with John Sowada

October 6, 2010

Our September program featured John Sowada.  At the meeting he discussed the impact of trust (or lack of trust) on our personal and professional relationships.  The interview expands on this topic.

Interview with John Sowada