Podcast 6 – Interview with Sarah Hurst

This episode includes our interview with August speaker Sarah Hurst.

Essential skills are those that enable us to get through the good times and bad times, the fat times and lean times.  As a 25-year employee of the oil & gas manufacturing company, Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Sarah E. Hurst explains how the Company Training Department battled through each of these times.  From growth to layoff, from profit to loss, and soft skills to IT, Sarah has learned that flexibility and communication are vital to survival and prosperity.  Training both internal and external customers, getting management buy in, creating state of the art WebEx classes, learning JDE software, engaging new employees, motivating the tenured, working with international employees and different time zones – sound like your day?  Join us as we look at how this training manager was able to learn, grow, prosper and change her world in this Company.

Sarah E. Hurst is the Training Manager at Stewart & Stevenson LLC.  She has been with the Company since November 1985 and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas, Austin.  She completed the Training & Development Certification program at the University of Houston, Division of Distance and Continuing Education.

Interview with Sarah Hurst


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